Susan Armstrong Speaks | About
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About Sue

I’ve spent many years working to transform myself and my life and free myself from the invisible prison I created. Growing up with no self-esteem or coping skills, feeling so worthless and different, I didn’t even feel like I fit in with my own family, and at age 11 began a downward spiral into drug and alcohol addiction leading to 20 years of living on streets. Addicted, abused, in and out of street gangs and motorcycle gangs, I had no fixed address from 1977 – 1991 and spent a few years homeless, living beside a dumpster. After years of battling my own feelings of worthlessness and lack of self-esteem I finally had enough. The pain of my existence finally came to a point where it outweighed the fear of trying to live a better life and so, I sobered up and spent the next 20 years studying the psychological and spiritual reasons for my own struggles. Through the last 20+ years, I have developed many techniques that allowed me to re-wire my thought processes, change my behavior, and very quickly start to find the happiness, personal and professional success, and fulfillment I so badly wanted. Now, I spend my time sharing those techniques and strategies with others so they, too, can live a happy, successful and fulfilling life. My message to everyone reading this is: when is enough, enough? Are you ready?

Through her Are You Ready?! workshops, online programs, books, and CDs, Susan teaches the same principles she used to go from addicted, abused, and homeless to making minimum wage, and eventually, to her current position as an internationally-known Speaker, Radio Show Host, award-winning Trainer, and award-winning Author of “An Invisible Prison,” so you can find the happiness and success that you dream about and create a life beyond your wildest dreams!

Susan Armstrong is an internationally known Professional Speaker, Author of An Invisible Prison, award-winning Trainer, Talk-Radio Host and Personal-Growth Teacher specializing in inspiring and transforming her program participants’ lives through the power of action. Susan provides concrete strategies to assist people in re-wiring their thought processes and behavior in order to find happiness, success and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives.

Susan has helped over 50,000 people around the world transform their personal and professional lives beginning with her first client – herself.

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