Susan Armstrong Speaks | An Invisible Prison
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Pages: 266
ISBN: 978-0-059582-646-9


An Invisible Prison:
A True Story of Survival

By SUSAN ARMSTRONG, with C.K. Clarke

Alcoholism, drug-addictions, street gangs, motorcycle gangs and being shot… No it is not the character progression and plot synopsis of the next Bruce Willis or Jet Li action blockbuster, but rather a summary of the struggles and experiences through which Susan Armstrong actually lived! Most people outside of a movie set would not survive any one of these wrecking balls, let alone all five. But Susan Armstrong not only survived them, she went on to reinvent herself, establish her own company, author a book and use her personal experiences as the blueprint for helping others to be successful and achieve their greatest potential.

Recovery Solutions Magazine


I am buying this for all my girlfriends! Shocking, chilling and the minute you start reading you won’t be able to put it down. If you have ever questioned what you are capable of or if you have ever doubted yourself, you must absolutely read this book. Susan’s story is inspiring because of how she manages to overcome the worst of the worst. Reading her story made me realize that there was no excuse for me not to live my life fully; she empowers you to believe in what is possible.

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I just wanted to tell you that I finished your book last week and I was emotionally exhausted! It was a fantastic story to say the least…I felt like reaching through the pages to give you a hug on many occasions. It was an exceptional insight to a world that I know nothing about. I have been talking about the book all weekend to family and friends. I am not surprised that you prevailed through all of your hardships, you showed incredible courage and determination in your journey…even if it didn’t feel like that at the time…Congratulations on a fantastic story!

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