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Are You Ready to Transform Your Life?

Concrete Strategies for Finding the Happiness, Success
and Fulfillment You Dream About…

If you could have anything you want in life, what would it be? More money? Love? Better health? New career? Lose weight? Write a book?

Everything you want is within your reach, did you know that? You already have everything you need to be happy, successful, and fulfilled in this life.





  • 75-minute MP3 Audio
  • Insights & Exercises
  • Welcome Video
  • 75-minute MP3 Audio
  • Downloadable Worksheets
  • 7-days of “Transforming Thoughts”
  • Access to “Members Only” Facebook Page
  • Welcome video
  • 75-minute MP3 Audio
  • 2 Companion Video Modules
  • Downloadable Workbook
  • 14-days of “Transforming Thoughts”
  • Access to “Members Only” Facebook Page
  • SPECIAL BONUS: Signed copy of An Invisible Prison
  • 2-Day Live Event
  • Day One: What it means to “stand in your own way”
  • Day Two: Developing Confidence & Self-Esteem

“Susan’s style and her way of teaching helped me to understand and improve myself. Sue is a very positive, energetic presence and I enjoy her knowledge.”

—S.U., London, UK

“Sue Armstrong has done more for me in the few months that we’ve worked together than any other counselor or therapist. Sue helps me go deep and grow from the inside out. Her insight and intuition have helped me far more than even she can imagine. My life has changed, my heart grows and my love for myself and others continues to grow because of Sue. Words alone cannot describe how she has changed my life! You are awesome, Sue – Thank you!”

—ROB PLANNETTE, Real Estate Investor
Sacramento, CA

I cannot thank you enough! My life is so completely different today thanks to you! Your approach to coaching is built on a single key principle: our attitudes and beliefs about ourselves – often at a sub-conscious level – dictate virtually every aspect of how we live our lives both personally and professionally. Through your own life experiences and your years of working with others, you have developed a keen appreciation of the human spirit and a unique ability to look behind the personas we all project in order to understand the attitudes and beliefs upon which those personas are built. Drawing further on your own life experiences, you help people to understand the important of shifting their attitudes and beliefs about themselves and give them the tools to do so in order to overcome their barriers to success and to reach their true potential personally and professionally. I am so grateful to have found you!”

 —L.C., Philadelphia, PA

“Kudos to Susan Armstrong! I think about three words to say to Susan Armstrong…Will Power, Perseverance, Teacher. I applaud Susan for who she chooses to be TODAY because at the end that’s all it matters…TODAY.”

 —C.T., through Facebook

Transform your life! Learn how to transform your life and find the happiness, success, and fulfillment you dream about. Download your FREE Report & MP3!