Susan Armstrong Speaks | Workshop: Are You Ready?
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Stop Standing in Your Own Way!

Imagine how amazing your life would be like if you had…

The Confidence and Self-esteem to Achieve Your Dreams
More Satisfying and Rewarding Relationships
Success in Business, Relationships and Life
Peace, Happiness, and Contentment

This is all possible but it starts inside of you!

Join us for 2-Days and explore what is possible for you!
2-Days to begin to dismantle the bars of your invisible prison!

For those looking for peace, happiness, connection and even success in this world, this 2-Day Workshop explores how our own negative thinking and self-limiting beliefs stand in the way of our achieving that.

Based on the book “An Invisible Prison,” this inspiring and interactive session takes you on a journey to discover how your own thoughts and beliefs often stop you from achieving your goals and desires and demonstrates 5 ways that you can change your thinking.

As a result of this session you will:

  • Learn how to identify the ways you might be sabotaging your own success and happiness.
  • Understand how your thinking guides your life and the choices you make.
  • Understand the true meaning of self-esteem and stop measuring yourself against false ideals.
  • Learn to overcome fear and turn it into courage.
  • Learn to tap into the Universal wisdom available to all of us.
  • Learn 5 ways to change your thinking and turn your life around now.

Stop Searching for Happiness

It is there waiting for you but you have to Stop Standing in Your Own Way.
Join our workshop and find out how easy it can be to achieve you heartfelt desires.


DAY ONE (09:30 – 16:30)
What it means to “stand in your own way”

DAY TWO (09:30 – 16:00)
Developing Confidence & Self-Esteem

  • The science behind our invisible prisons
  • How we build and keep ourselves locked in our own emotional invisible prison
  • Identify your own prison bars – what are they made of? Where do they come from?
  • Identifying your biggest barriers to happiness and success
  • How to get out of your own way – dismantle the bars of your invisible prison
  • Activities to strengthen your confidence and self-esteem
  • 12 tips for developing confidence and self-esteem
  • Spiritual principles for living – the partnership between you and the Universe
  • How to find success and happiness through action
  • Tips and strategies for finding peace, happiness and success
  • How to manifest the life you desire
  • 5 Tips to stay balanced at work

This is an interactive workshop. You will work together, individually and as a large group to uncover your invisible prison and take steps to begin to stop standing in your own way and find the peace and happiness you desire. You will receive coaching and feedback from each other, as well as Susan Armstrong.

As a way to make sure the shift sticks, you will also be invited to participate in a closed FaceBook group for on-going support as well as 2 group coaching/support calls.

If you have ever wanted to change…now is the time. Peace and happiness are yours…you just have to release yourself from your own invisible prison.

You encouraged. You cheer-led my baby steps. You held my hand when I needed that and enabled me to feel safe. And gradually, the power of being heard, really heard and not judged, began to unlock the layers. You didn‘t try to fix me. You didn’t tell me what to do. You didn’t even answer most of the questions I wrote in the emails. But you let me send you the emails, so that I would learn to get things outside of my head. And you did answer the questions which were the most difficult for me. You knew when a reply was essential. You suggested things for me to go read.  You reflected things back to me. And you hung in with my frustrations…

Sue is effective in life transformation work because she truly understands feelings of worthlessness, lack of confidence and lack of self-esteem. Because she has been there. Her deep empathy and understanding of those who struggle with these issues, and her willingness to share her own examples of experiencing them, create a strong connection with people.  By working in an environment where the power of being heard without judgement is valued, people can raise their self-awareness, shed masks they have worn for years, and rediscover their true self.  Sue explains that it is a journey, a process – that there is no magic wand. It takes hard work, practice and commitment. But you can change negative habits, and you can discover peace and happiness within yourself! And Sue is a catalyst for that discovery – she shines the light and guides you.

—KAREN C., London, UK

Your approach to coaching is built a single key principle:  our attitudes and beliefs about ourselves – often at a sub-conscious level – dictate virtually every aspect of how we live our lives both personally and professionally.  Through your own life experiences and your years of working with others, you have developed a keen appreciation of the human spirit and a unique ability to look behind the personas we all project in order to understand the attitudes and beliefs upon which those personas are built.  Drawing further on your own life experiences, you help people to understand the importance of shifting their attitudes and beliefs about themselves and give them the tools to do so in order to overcome their barriers to success and to reach their true potential personally and professionally.

—LOREN C., Brussels, Belgium

Susan Armstrong is an internationally known Professional Speaker, Author of An Invisible Prison, award-winning Trainer, Talk-Radio Host and Personal-Growth Teacher and Guide specializing in helping people escape the invisible prison they hold themselves in through re-wiring their thought processes in order to find happiness, success and fulfillment in their personal and professional lives. Susan has helped over 50,000 people around the world transform their personal and professional lives beginning with her first client – herself.

You have enormous power, light, and the ability to inspire and uplift others.  You are wonderful.

#1 NY Times Bestselling author

Educational, inspiring and most of all entertaining. Sue is very down-to-earth and has an enormous amount of wisdom to share.

—J.R., Midland

I really enjoyed Susan. She was extremely knowledgeable/engaging and made understanding the concepts extremely easy. I had several “Aha” moments while she was teaching. I also enjoyed working in the groups to brainstorm and work through things – it was very helpful to get multiple perspectives.

— L.C. Toronto