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To achieve success through people.

“It was a true pleasure to work with Susan Armstrong. I’m honoured at the impact I have had on her life and how she has been able to integrate my work into her personal growth. She has selflessly taken her story out into the world and now touches the lives of thousands of people through her workshops, home-study programs, books and radio shows. She is both an inspiration, and a remarkable example of what is possible when you have the courage to look inside yourself and face your fears.”

–JOHN BRADSHAW, Philosopher, Counselor, Theologian, Teacher. Selected as one of the most influential writers on emotional health in the twentieth century.

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“Sue, you have enormous power, light, and the ability to inspire and uplift others. You are wonderful.”

#1 NY Times Bestselling author

“I feel more positive in my attitude and think this will impact my work in all areas.” –From Communication & Team Training, Manpower

“Susan Armstrong did a wonderful job! I’m sure she has changed a lot of people’s perceptions about working!” –From Account Manager Training, Nova Scotia Power

“An excellent course, makes me feel more confident in my abilities. Thanks Sue!” –From Customer Service Training, AIC Group of Funds Inc.

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Leadership Training

The Secret to Leadership Success

Leadership is a state of being, a critical one for success in today’s corporate environment. People are not leaders because they say they are or because of the title on their business card. People are leaders because others want to follow them. Leadership is the ability to lead yourself first; then, if others like where you are going, they will follow.

Leadership requires exceptional communication skills, the ability to present yourself powerfully and with charisma, credibility and integrity. If your “insides” don’t match your “outsides,” others can feel the lack of congruency.

There is often a “gap” when it comes to understanding the power of perception and how we are viewed by others. This lack of understanding is often reflected in the way people communicate, both verbally and non-verbally, and interferes with their ability to be truly powerful leaders. This is a critical area of study if you’re currently in a leadership role or are aspiring to one.
The Secret to Leadership Success is designed to help participants identify the personal “blind spots” that contribute to their own personal barriers to professional success. The workshop uses a mix of adult learning and training theory, skills practice exercises, and a 360 Leadership Assessment, as well as coaching and feedback designed to help participants develop the self-awareness necessary to become truly impactful leaders in the organization.

This intense 3.5 day workshop is designed to change behavior through self-awareness, practice, feedback and coaching.

This workshop is for individuals identified as “high potential” and the future leaders of the organization, as well as for individuals who want to improve their ability and effectiveness.

“We consider Sue a team member. There is a reason that we continue to build our relationship and give her more projects – she is THAT good. We can trust that she will deliver nothing less than a quality product – from design, development, and through to creative and engaging presentations.

And, she has a natural way of developing relationships with her clients and participants. An added benefit is that I learn so much through partnering with her and improve my own effectiveness as a result of our partnership.”

KRISTEN BARON, Senior Manager, Learning & Development, Johnson & Johnson